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The Statements of the Prime-Minister Bajram Kosumi, the Minister of Local Government Lutfi Haziri and the Presidents of Municipalities related to the rule of law and return of properties


Honorable citizens,

Kosovo has entered an important phase of creating a democratic and legal society. Citizens of Kosovo have a citizen's and moral duty to understand the importance of the processes that we are going through as a country and as a society and to help central and local institutions in applying democratic standards in Kosovo's society. 

Kosovo is building a democratic legal infrastructure. This legislation guarantees an efficient protection of human rights and freedoms, both individual and collective. Day by day we are building a democratic society in which the rule of law will apply for all citizens of Kosovo.

The property right in our country, alike in every democratic society, is sacred. The property belongs only to the owner. We call upon all the citizens of Kosovo to respect the law and the property rights and to immediately start the return of usurped properties. Actual results in this direction will be the most important indicator which proves that law exists in Kosovo and that all its citizens respect it. The necessary action by the institutions for the release of usurped properties is in the benefit of Kosovo and the rule of law.   

Displaced people, regardless of their ethnicity are invited to return to their homes and properties and they will be part of building the future of Kosovo. The nurturing of the sense of tolerance, understanding and respect for one-another is very important.

It is in the benefit of the citizens to perceive their life interest in Kosovo, where they will achieve their rights through the democratic institutions of Kosovo.


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