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The Kosov@-info web portal is intended primarily for organisations, including IDP associations and local NGOs, as well as specialized IDP information centres, working on provision of assistance to the internally displaced persons and informing them about their rights and responsibilities.

We are striving to be a reliable information resource, updated regularly and responsive to suggestions and changing needs and context of return related activities. The web portal features information relevant to internally displaced persons currently residing Serbia and Montenegro and Kosovo, as well to Kosovan refugees in other countries. It's overall intention is to:

•  facilitate and support the return process on the cross-boundary level by linking IDPs and refugees with their communities of origin through continual flow of reliable and relevant information

•  improve the quality of assistance provided by NGOs and information centres through information exchange and sharing with other refugee assisting NGOs

•  provide a valuable information resource for refugee assisting organisations, as well as present the issues and problems to de cis ion-making circles

•  foster links between Kosovo , Montenegro and Serbia proper, as well as other areas where IDPs and refugees from Kosovo are accommodated

This project is supported by the NGO Transition and Development Programme within the Peace and Stability Fund of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FRESTA).


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