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Web hosting for IDP associations and local NGOs

The UNION (UNIJA) is an alliance of six IDP associations dealing with the same problem - helping IDP in resolving their final status be it return to the homes they fled from in K&M or integration in the communities in the places of their current residence. ( www.unijairl.org )

Stara Srbija
Association of the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija (site hosted by IAN)

International Medical Aid (site hosted by IAN)

Association of the families of kidnapped and missing persons from Kosovo and Metohija (site hosted by IAN)

NGO "Opstanak i povratak" (site hosted by IAN)

TRAINING FOR IDP associations

As a part of its programme for support to displaced people from Kosovo and Metohija, IAN organised a training Visibility through the Internet and designing Web presentations for the representatives of IDP associations... >>>



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