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Computer literacy training in the women prison in Pozarevac, Serbia
November 2011

International Aid Network (IAN) has started the realisation of computer courses for a group of women inmates in the Pozarevac prison. The initative for provision of this training came from the Head of the women prison who has recognised the importance of education and professional empowerment of the women inmates, aimed at preparing them for leaving this institution after the end of their sentence.

IAN Telecentar, Educational Department of IAN, has a yearlong experience in provision of computer literacy programs, with special focus on marginalized groups, aimed at their social inclusion and before all improvement of their economic position through better competitiveness at the labour market. IAN Telecentar has gladly accepted the invitation for cooperation and at the beginning of November 2011 started with the courses. The classes are held in a computer equipped classroom within the women prison. A group of 8 women has started attending the courses which will include 4 modules: Windows, Word, Excel and Internet&e-mail. According to the words of IAN IT teacher, Petar Jakovljevic, the course participants are rather motivated and they go through the curricula and the foreseen tasks even quicker than the average groups in IAN Telecentre. Classes are held twice a week, and at the end of each module the participants will take a test and if successfully pass all four exams they will obtain a certificate.

Programs of preparation of offenders for their release from prison and their post penal adjustment and rehabilitation are important for their successful reconciliation. Women released from prison are faced with a range of difficulties of financial, social and psychological nature. Being in a penal institution causes braking of their social connections, loss of a job, unresolved accommodation status, etc. They most often do not receive any assistance from the state regarding employment and resolving other difficulties that hinder their inclusion into mainstream society. Experiences from other countries (primarily USA ) show that the return of investment into education and strengthening the capacities of persons who committed criminal offences is multiple through savings on court proceedings not held and prison sentences not served as well as decreasing the rate of recidivism among the offenders.

Through equipping the women prisoners with IT skills, necessary for being successful at today's modern labour market, IAN Telecentar will contribute to creating more opportunities for them and their successful transition and social inclusion upon their release.

For additional information, please contact Ivan Stojilovic,

IAN International Aid Network, Admirala Geprata 10, Belgrade , 011 7617 197




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