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acting out your own pain


Peter Felix Kellermann, M.K. Hudgins

Zerka T. Moreno

Foreword to Serbian edition: Vladimir Milosevic

Translated by: Olivera Zivanovic, Leila Selimbegovic, Zoran Milojkovic, Vesna Rakic, Irena Radic, Ljiljana Jovanovic

Published by IAN, Belgrade, 2002

In the world in which natural, social and political disasters are everyday phenomena, therapists are invited to search for fast and effective treatment methods for trauma survivors, including sexual abuse, torture, war traumas, addiction diseases, depression and bereavement. Contributors to this book convincingly demonstrate how the psychodrama can be safely used for pening paths to change even in the cases of most severe traumas. They also discuss a possible pattern of transgenerational transmitting of trauma.
Research after the World War II, neurobiological studies and other more recent PTSD research have indicated that many symptoms of trauma are unconscious and nonverbal experiences stored in the right hemisphere of the brain and that they cannot be approached with therapy based on talk. Psychodrama opens place for enactment of unprocessed trauma in a controlled therapeutic setting in order to stop an obsessive repetition of the past.
Psychodrama and Trauma documents trauma effects, explores treatment development and provides clinicians with the integrative models of experiential therapy. It is a valuable source for those interested in psychodrama and professionals working with traumatized people.
Peter Felix Kellermann is a clinical psychologist trained as psychodynamic therapist in the Moreno Institute in New York. He is psychodrama trainer in Israel and throughout the world, and author of Focus on Psychodrama, also published by Jessica Kingsley. M.K. Hudgins is a clinical psychologist and psychodrama trainer in the USA. He is the president of the board of the Therapeutic Spiral International Charity, established to financially support the psychodramatic work with traumatized people on a global level.

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