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Consequences of forcible mobilization of refugees in 1995



"Rare are those who do not share a general sentiment that we, citizens of the former Yugoslavia , had undergone some terrible, unimaginable things in the last fifteen years. As for the understanding of their reasons, the picture is quite different: it is hard to find two individuals who would have identical views on the causes of the big Yugoslav tragedy. It is, of course, quite certain that these causes (as well as the causes of so many other well-known man-made tragedies) are not simple or unambiguous. This, along with astonishing mental differences among individuals, explains the huge differences of ideas about the reasons of our tragic past.

However, we do not pretend here to unravel the causes of the Yugoslav tragedy, but only inform , or more likely, remind the reader of one particular episode of the grand Yugoslav tragedy, or rather, try to provoke him into thinking about it and its meaning .

The episode we will talk about is the compulsory conscription of refugees from Krajina in the summer of 1995 - action that took place in the erstwhile Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - and their transfer to "mobilization training camps", especially the one in Erdut."

Exctract from the Foreword of the book "REDRESS IN ACTION - Consequences of forcible mobilization of refugees in 1995"

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