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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Institutional Rolesand Responsibilities

The CCK is responsible for coordinating between the FRY authorities and UNMIK on matters relating to return of IDPs/Refugees to Kosovo. As a government institution, the CCK has a significant role regarding the protection of IDPs within Serbia and Montenegro, and is actively working to support the return of IDPs to Kosovo. The CCK at times is involved in returns processes in Kosovo as a donor/funder for projects or activities, and may take part in RWGs or MWGs where appropriate. The CCK may also provide technical expertise to implementing organisations regarding returns projects. The CCK can support returns efforts by facilitating links with IDPs and IDP associations, and by encouraging the involvement of IDPs within returns structures in Kosovo.

Responsibilities of the CCK include:

1. Provide support to IDPs in their place of dislocation where appropriate.
2. Within Kosovo, providing material assistance based on priorities determined by the returns process mechanism (as a donor).
3. Support community integration efforts at the municipal level and promote minority engagement in local structures.
4. Take part in the RWGs and MWGs where appropriate.


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