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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Institutional Rolesand Responsibilities

NGOs play a key role in the planning, facilitation and implementation of the returns process. Their operational capacity, breadth of experience and ability to reach across Kosovo's administrative boundaries position them to be key partners in the process. The process in this Manual describes the project development process for activities for which funds are not readily available. It is recognised that NGOs will also seek to implement activities with their own sources of funding with pre-defined set of objectives and activities. NGOs engaged in both types of activities are encouraged to participate in the Regional and Municipal structures, as well as the Project Team to ensure that their activities are complementary to efforts being planned and to ensure that scarce resources target jointly-agreed priorities.

Responsibilities of NGOs include:

1. Target activities consistent with guiding principles outlined in the Manual.
2. Actively contribute to the design and implementation of return activities consistent with the framework for returns defined by each MWG, such as responding to calls for concept papers.
3. Provide support where appropriate to the compilation of background information supporting the planning process where appropriate (such as the Rapid Location Profiles).
4. Where possible and appropriate, provide support to cross boundary activities to help IDP communities to voice their concerns.
5. Support the identification of beneficiaries for return assistance.
6. Devise interventions which support a range of sectors to ensure sustainability of returns.
7. Provide timely updates to the MWG and RWG of their activities and impact on returns and neighbouring communities, including GSV activities, housing reconstruction and other sectoral activities.
8. Participate in GSVs and GIVs.
9. Participate actively in RWGs and MWGs.


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