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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Institutional Rolesand Responsibilities

To date fund-raising for the returns process has been channeled through pre-financed NGOs working in specific geographical areas, responses to unsolicited requests for funding of large-scale planned activities and unsolicited requests for small-scale initiatives. The donor community is called upon to support the returns process and remain responsive to needs expressed through the coordination mechanism. The coordination structure is established to ensure that proposals submitted through the channels include needs prioritised to reflect a range of interests, including:

1) expressed needs of the IDPs/Refugees themselves,

2) multi-sectoral requirements

3) crossboundary activity to prepare the returns,

4) intercommunity dialogue and needs of the entire community.

Responsibilities of donors include:

1. Engage in the returns structures where appropriate, including the Regional Working Groups and the Technical Advisory Board.
2. Provide timely response to request for funding.
3. Channel committed funds to areas identified as priorities.
4. Support the flexible funding mechanisms established to respond to needs of individual returns.
5. Encourage implementing partners to participate fully and coordinate with returns coordination mechanisms at the Municipal and Regional level.



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