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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Institutional Rolesand Responsibilities

The PISG plays a fundamental role in the returns and integration process for minority communities. The future of a multi-ethnic Kosovo depends largely on the ability of local government officials to engage potential returnees in dialogueand contribute to public recognition of their right to return and encourage participation in the provisional governmental structures. Sustainable returns depend on the ability of the PISG to ensure minority and returnee access to public and social services.

Responsibilities of PISG include:

1. Participate actively in the returns coordination mechanism, including the Task Force on Returns,RCG, RWGs and MWGs.
2. Contribute to increasing IDP/refugee confidence in the prospect of returning to live in environment respectful of human, social, civil and political rights.
3. Engage actively in direct contact with IDPs/Refugees through the GIVs and GSVs.
4. Support efforts to increase public acceptance and tolerance of minority communities, such as condemning attacks, use of non-Albanian languages, visible presence of officials in minority areas.
5. Contribute to inter-ethnic dialogue between potential returnees and receiving communities.
6. Made official statements on ethnically motivated security incidents.
7. Improve living conditions for communities which remain in Kosovo by ensuring access of all communities and potential returnees to public and social services, including health care, public utilities, social welfare, education and timely response to security incidences.
8. Provide adequate allocation of budget resources for returns and integration.
9. Increase minority participation in the municipal and government structures.
10.Support measures to provide adequate representation of minorities on the Municipal Board of Directors and other structures.


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