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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Institutional Rolesand Responsibilities

OSCE has committed human resources to supporting community interests, including support to activities which contribute to improving environment for enabling returns. Its role of institution building, media monitoring, protecting human rights and rule of law makes it ideally situated to support efforts in the returns field, both operationally
and through monitoring.

Responsibilities of OSCE include:

1. Participate in the RWGs and MWGs.
2. Support inter-ethnic dialogue and tolerancebuilding activities before and after actual returns take place.
3. Monitor and report on human rights violations, including acts of inter-ethnic violence, discrimination in access to public institutions and public/social services, denial of property rights, lack of freedom of movement and security.
4. Advocate equitable remedies for victims of human rights violations and greater access of vulnerable groups to public and social services.
5. Promote tolerance-building through inter-ethnic dialogue and related activities and support coordination through the chairmanship of the ABC working Group on inter-ethnic dialogue.
6. Include inter-community integration and confidence building in its governmental and social institutions building programmes and media monitoring efforts.


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