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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Institutional Rolesand Responsibilities

TOCA plays a significant role in building IDP/Refugee confidence, in improving living conditions, and ensuring access to public services for all communities. Through its network of Local Community Offices in the Municipal Administration, it coordinates operational matters within central and local administration related to minority communities. It is ideally situated to advocate for the protection of minority and community interest in the civil administration and the PISG and monitor compliance with regulations relating to community interests. Through its LCOs OCA provides oversight, monitoring and reporting, acting to ensure that the rights, interests, and sustainability of communities, including returnees, are fully protected in the activities of the central and local administrations.

Responsibilities of OCA include:

1. Participate in the Returns Coordination Group.
2. Play an active role in supporting planning processes, ensuring needs are met upon return and support integration of returnees as with other members of minority communities.
3. Participate actively in the RWGs and MWGs as well as other components of the process such as GSVs and GIVs.
4. Support the returns efforts in the Municipalities.


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