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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Institutional Rolesand Responsibilities

The Regional Returns Units are responsible for supporting working groups and returns activities; monitoring the returns process; and providing guidance on returns activities.

Responsibilities of UNMIK RRU:

1. Support the RA in tasks related to the Regional Working Group, including but not limited to the following: providing secretariat functions of the RWG, maintaining schedule of MWG and RWG meetings throughout the region.
2. Support MAs in tasks related to the Municipal Working Groups, including but not limited to ensuring local administration, IDPs and NGOs and other partners are engaged in the process and providing assistance to MWGs (secretariat
functions for the MWGs remain within the municipalities).
3. Monitor and report on all returns related activities and projects carried out in the Region.
4. Ensure that returns related activities are carried out in accordance with established guidelines.
5. Liaise with UNHCR, KFOR and other international and local organisations working on returns.
6. Support cross-fertilisation among municipalities and across regions.
7. Facilitate contacts between regional returns activities and displaced communities, and contribute to public information efforts, in conjunction with UNMIK/Belgrade ORC staff.
8. Ensure that all activities include dialogue and confidence building measures in their approach.
9. Support and monitor inter-ethnic dialogue and community relations initiatives.



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