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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Institutional Rolesand Responsibilities

UNHCR Responsibilities within Kosovo include:

1. Supervise return related activities in accordance with its mandate. UNHCR is one of the Principals of the Task Force on Returns as well as of all Regional (RWG) and Municipal Working Groups (MWG).
2. Produce, in cooperation with OSCE, an analysis of the situation of minorities in Kosovo, with particular emphasis on the return related aspects.
3. UNHCR coordinates with the relevant international and national authorities, and works with NGOs to implement Go and See Visits and return movements and to ensure proper logistical and transport arrangements for cross boundary/border visits and organised return movements.
4. Maintain statistical and other information on spontaneous and organised return movements and the needs of returnees and provides regular reports.
5. Provide limited assistance in the form of nonfood items and emergency shelter materials to returnees immediately upon their spontaneous or organised arrival.
6. Through its implementing partners, distribute food to returnees in need during an initial three-month period after return.
7. Through implementing partners, provide legal assistance, advice and information to returnees and their communities on various legal issues, including property related matters.
8. Support inter-ethnic dialogue in favour of return of minority communities.
9. Within the context of the adopted Information Framework, assist in the collection and onward dissemination of information relevant to IDPs.
10.Perform returnee monitoring and follow up on protection-related concerns and problems.

UNHCR responsibilities within Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia include:

1. Through its network of field offices, and contacts with IDP associations, international and local NGOs and Governmental institutions, keep contact with the IDP/Refugee population and determine the most urgent needs, not only humanitarian but also with respect to information and expectations of return.
2. Identify and assist persons who seek advice or assistance with regard to either Go and See Visits or actual return or arrange for such advice or assistance with the help of NGOs who engage in information and return-related
3. Assist in the dissemination of objective information about the situation in Kosovo to the IDPs/Refugees in cooperation with other agencies including UNMIK and the hosting authorities.
4. Maintain and update registration database of IDPs/Refugees including listing by municipality of origin in Kosovo, family composition and de-registration of returnees.
5. Actively seek to provide a coordination mechanism to all international and local organisations, including Governmental ones, that are involved in the returns process to Kosovo.
6. Organise regional meetings and consultations on return with all relevant parties as may be required to enhance the progress of returns activities and to facilitate actual returns.


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