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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Institutional Rolesand Responsibilities

Through its central office in Pristina, five Regional Units in Kosovo and staff located in the UNMIK office in Belgrade, the ORC is responsible for guiding the overall coordination structures, ensuring the smooth running of the overall processes where and when required, providing support to operational structures.

Responsibilities of the ORC offices include:

1. Provide support and policy guidance for the returns processes at the Central, Regional and Municipal levels (including ensuring the functioning of the Task Force, Returns Coordination Group, Technical Advisory Board, Regional Working Groups, working with MAs to ensure the functioning of Municipal Working Groups and their Local Working Groups).
2. Ensure a consistent and comprehensive approach to returns.
3. Coordinate fundraising efforts and issue timely updates of prioritised funding requirements.
4. Increase cross-fertilisation between effortsfrom region to region.
5. Provide a contact point for donors to facilitate access to information and returns structure.
6. Support direct links across boundaries to displaced communities.
7. Participate actively in other community-related fora such as the ABC working Groups, the benchmarks process, to support efforts to improve conditions for the returns to take place.

UNHCR plays a central role in the returns process. Its activities are undertaken in support of returns and community stabilisation.


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