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ERRC: Ethnic Cleansing of "Gypsies" in Kosovo

European Roma Rights Center (ERRC) Letter of Concern to Kosovo and European Authorities over Violence against Roma, Ashkaelia, Egyptians and Others Regarded as "Gypsies" in Kosovo, and Long-Term Impunity for their Persecutors

March 31, 2004

The ERRC today sent a letter to Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations for Kosovo Mr. Harri Holkeri, Commander of Kosovo Force Lieutenant General Holger Kammerhoff, Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Rexhepi, and European Commission President Romano Prodi to express deep concern at the continued acts of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo beginning with renewed force on March 17. In the letter, the ERRC presented documentation gathered in the course of an ERRC field mission undertaken since the beginning of the latest wave of violence in Kosovo. The letter concludes with recommendations to Mssrs. Holkeri, Kammerhoff, Rexhepi and Prodi.

Information on the situation of Roma, Ashkaelia, Egyptians and others regarded as "Gypsies" in Kosovo is available on the Internet at:

Photographic documentation by ERRC researchers in Kosovo in March 2004 is available on the Internet at:

The full text of the March 31 ERRC letter follows (click here...)


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