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Reactions to the
March violence
in Kosovo


Stability Pact : Special Co-ordinator condemns Violence in Kosovo

Special Co-ordinator Erhard Busek has condemned the eruption of violence in Kosovo in very strong terms. “The perpetrators should know that their vicious work is reflecting negatively on Kosovo - a serious setback in its recent political developments. This also reflects on the wider area at a time when Southeastern Europe has made substantial progress in stabilising itself. There is no place for lawlessness since there are established means of dialogue and democratic institutions.” It is therefore essential that the political leaders on all sides join UNMIK in calling for moderation and resorting to dialogue.

Busek equally condemned the retaliatory violence in Serbia and Montenegro, which culminated in arson and the burning of a mosque in Belgrade.

Kosovo has seen substantial integration within Stability Pact structures over the last two years and is now participating in approximately twenty Stability Pact activities and initiatives. This evolving integration of Kosovo in international and regional co-operation is a major step forward and risks to be jeopardised by such action of irresponsible elements.


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