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Reactions to the
March violence
in Kosovo


Prishtina, March 19 2004

Joint Declaration of Kosovar Civil Society

We are gathered today as representatives of civil society for an immediate reaction to the events of the last few days in Kosovo. The result of today's meeting, attended by 57 non-governmental organizations and networks, is the following statement:

1. As representatives of Kosovar civil society, we are united in condemning all acts of violence of the last few days. We ask all citizens to immediately halt all protests and violent acts. Your grievances should not and can not be addressed through the destruction of Kosovo.

2. We ask from the responsible institutions to work actively and effectively on raising the level of the security for all citizens of Kosovo, especially for the Serb population in Central Kosovo and Albanian population on the north of Ibër/Ibar River.

3. We ask Kosovar institutions and UNMIK to end mutual accusations. Your immediate responsibility is for the security and the life of citizens of Kosova. As members of civil society we pledge to do our outmost to support the KPS, CIVPOL, and KFOR.

4. We express our deepest and most sincere condolences to all the families of the victims of disturbances of the last few days. We are aware that our words cannot substitute the loss of your loved ones. However, we hope that you know that your pain is felt by the entire civil society of Kosovo.

5. In this meeting, a special "ad-hoc" group has been created by the representatives of 15 organizations and non-governmental networks, in order to coordinate and plan the emergency activities of the civil society. The information about the next planned activities will be available after the first meeting of this coordinating body.

For further information, please contact:

Jetëmir Balaj
the Forum NGO
Rruga Senator Robert Dole nr=3
UNMIK Kosovo
Tel: + 381 38 248 946
Fax: + 381 38 248 946


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