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Reactions to the
March violence
in Kosovo



International Aid Network - IAN most strongly condemns the organized violence against Serbs in Kosovo, killings of local residents, systematic expulsions of people and burning of houses and churches, as well as the attacks against representatives of the international community and non-governmental organizations.

These politically and ethnically motivated criminal acts and the complete disregard for the existing democratic institutions seriously jeopardize the efforts of all actors in Kosovo and the region aimed at building a prosperous and more tolerant society.

We also condemn the equally senseless violent incidents on the streets of some Serbian towns, as well as the burning down of mosques in Nis and Belgrade.

We express our deepest condolences to the families of all those killed in the violent clashes in Kosovo.

Hatred, violence and revenge can never bring any good to anyone, the least those who resort to them. Therefore we must do our utmost to stop this spiral of violence, ensure that all perpetrators are brought to justice and that the rule of law is restored in Kosovo.


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