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"Kosovo/a Initiative" Assessment Mission


DRC Job no. 503-556

Supported by FRESTA

Other already existing civil society activities

During the visit of the assessment team, a "New Directions" conference was being held in Pristina, organised by the Kosov@ Action Network, gathering a large group of human rights and peace activists, NGO people and experts for one week, to discuss issues related to education and employment. Some of the NGOs the team has met were also involved in this initiative, which plays a significant role in the future development of the civil society in Kosovo. It is supported by various peace groups from abroad and represents an ongoing process of moving ahead.

Besides the Kosov@ Action Network, there is also an operational Kosovo Youth Network, as well as OSCE supported network of local NGOs and resource centers that meet on a relatively regular basis; in addition, there have been civic dialogues and exchanges among NGOs in Kosovo and Serbia proper. Another useful experience is the OSCE supported project implemented by various international and local NGOs (Pax Christi, Forum ZFD) together with local radio stations, featuring live inter-ethnic dialogues among a variety of Albanian, Serbian, R/A/E (Roma/Ashkalia/Egyptians) NGOs in Prizren and other regions in Kosovo.
All these are activities and resources that need to be tapped into and further linked with other existing networks such as SEERAN, BHRN and other FRESTA supported structures, for improved information exchange and impact on the wider society.

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