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"Kosovo/a Initiative" Assessment Mission


DRC Job no. 503-556

Supported by FRESTA

Other FRESTA initiatives

In terms of FRESTA funded programmes in Kosovo, there are members of the SEERAN network such ADI and KRCT, as well as members of the Balkan Human Rights Network, such as CDHRF. Both of these networks are involved in the cross cutting initiative called the Legal Issues Group, addressing legal and related issues pertaining to rights of refugees and IDPs. The Task Force for Kosovo has organised their national conference, just as did the other Task Forces in Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and BiH, leading to the Regional Conference held in September 2002 in Ohrid, the recommendations of which are still used as guidelines in the practical and advocacy work done by member NGOs .
Another project that is implemented in the region and also targeting Kosovo, is the Found Friend project, focusing on school teachers and students, aimed at bringing them together and exchanging good practices and methodologies, ultimately resulting in improved tolerance and reduced social distance among various ethnicities in the region.
The Radio Refugee Network, that has been operational in other parts of the region under the SEERAN / FRESTA programme, was expanded to Kosovo and Macedonia as well, running programmes in Albanian and other languages spoken in these areas.

Based on the information gathered during the visit, the Assessment team was able to draw the following conclusions and recommendations. For a more detailed account of NGOs consulted in Kosovo/a, please refer to the Annex 1.

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