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"Kosovo/a Initiative" Assessment Mission


DRC Job no. 503-556

Supported by FRESTA

3. Activities

The assessment was based on direct meetings with representatives of NGOs from various towns and regions and with other relevant stakeholders, focusing on the following key aspects:

  • Identifying existing and planned scope of activities of local NGOs which are directly connected to facilitation of the process of return of IDPs to Kosovo
  • Exploring readiness of NGOs for cross-boundary cooperation with partners from the region
  • Identifying needs of NGOs for capacity building related to the facilitation of the process of return of IDPs.

The following team carried out the assessment mission:

  • Dragan Markovic, Project Manager for the NGO Transition and Development Programme Secretariat in Serbia
  • Anika Krstic, SEE-RAN Coordination Committee Chairperson, and representing IAN, which has been one of the key players in the Triangle programme.

The assessment team's work was done according to the schedule below:

  • Macedonia - from 30th June to 3rd July 2003
  • Kosovo - from 7th to 11th July
  • Montenegro - from 14th to 17th July
  • Serbia - 20th to 25th July

The team visited and contacted about 30 local and international NGOs and organizations in all countries / regions. This assessment report is based on the integrated input from all interviewed stakeholders.

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