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Training for IDPs association

As a part of its programme for support to displaced people from Kosovo and Metohija, IAN organised a training Visibility through the Internet and designing Web presentations for the representatives of IDP associations. The training was free of charge and it was held on 23rd and 24th January 2003 in IAN Belgrade Repatriation office. Excellent technical conditions were provided that enabled each participant to work on a separate computer and there was also on-line.

Internet connection

The representatives of 7 Kosovo associations (Jug, Zavicaj, Srecna porodica, Stara Srbija, Medunarodna medicinska pomoc, Opstanak i povratak i Udruženje porodica kidnapovanih i nestalih) participated.

With expert assistance and patience of IAN trainers, Ivan Stojilovic and Boris Krbavac, and through the interactive method, the participants gained certain knowledge and skills and designed rather creative web presentations for their organisations. As a part of IAN contribution to the empowerment and promotion of IDP associations , these presentations are put on IAN Kosovo Info web portal.

During the training, two evaluation workshops were held in order to get a more detailed picture about the cooperation of the IDP associations with other NGOs and relevant agencies, and also about the needs of the associations especially regarding trainings and acquiring skills necessary for successful implementation of project activities and acomplishing goals.






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