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UNMIK ID Cards are issued on the basis of Civil Registration. An applicant for civil registration has to fulfill two criteria:

The Applicant has to either be currently living in Kosovo or he/she has to be in the process of re-establishing home in Kosovo or he/she has to demonstrate the solid intention to live in Kosovo.

If this criterion is fulfilled, one of the following criteria has to be met in addition:


1. The applicant is born or has at least one parent born in Kosovo.
2. The applicant can prove that he has resided in Kosovo for at least a continuous period of 5 years.
3. The applicant, in the opinion of the Civil Registrar, was forced to leave Kosovo and for that reason was unable to meet the residency requirement described above.
4. Otherwise ineligible children of persons registered pursuant to subparagraphs 1,2 and/or 3, such children being under the age of 18 years or under the age of 23 years, but proved to be in full-time attendance of a recognized educational institution.
It is important that an applicant fulfills both the criterion of residency and at least one of the criteria under 1-4. If only one of them is met, registration is impossible.

Registration can be done only in person in one of the UNMIK Registration Offices, which exist in every municipality in Kosovo. In the same way, the ID card can only be picked up by the applicant himself and not by an authorized delegate.

There is a list of 43 documents on the basis of which registration can be carried out. Often, one document will not be sufficient to prove the main data for the registration, which are identity, place of birth and current residence. In these cases, a combination of two documents might have to be shown to the registration officer. Therefore it is recommended that applicants take with them to the registration office all of the following documents that are in their possession. Please note that at least one of the documents must contain a photo of the applicant.


FRY Passport
University Booklet Index
FRY Citizenship Certificate
Primary School Booklet
Heath Booklet (yellow or old type)
Health Booklet for Farmers (old type)
Military Booklet
Military Health Booklet
FRY Driving License
Foreign ID Card
Foreign Passport
Foreign Driving License
FRY Birth Certificate
FRY Marriage Certificate
Membership Card for VJ Reserve Personnel
Federal Yugoslav Football Association ID
ID Card Retired Personnel/Reservists JNA
Employment Booklet
Sanitation Booklet
Public Transportation ID
Hunters' Association Membership Card
Fishing Association Membership Card
Association of Invalids Membership Booklet
Car Registration (old or new)
Fishing License
Scouts of Yugoslavia Ass. Membership ID
Gun License
Electricity Bills (old or new)
Telephone bills (old or new)
Official Refugee ID Card
Pension Receipt
Vaccination Card
Bank Cards, Bank Receipts
Post Office Savings Booklet
Bank Savings Booklet
Unemployment Cards
Blood Givers Booklet
Primary School Booklet (old type)



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