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Municipal Working Group Municipality of Novo Brdo/Novobërdë, 21 March 2005



Municipal Assembly President welcomed the MWG participants and reviewed the main action points from the last meeting. The President reported about revived activities of the Task Force on return to Klobukar/Kllobukar, which meeting was held on 14 th March '05 . He emphasized that TF discussions were focused on finalization of Concept Paper for Klobukar/Kllobukar and relocation of remote mahallas in larger settlements. However, due to absence of IDP representatives and UNHCR, not all items were fully discussed. Main conclusion of the TF meeting was to prepare a letter that will be addressed to the Central Level regarding the issue of relocation of returnees from remote to larger mahallas, namely, "Barimska and Zimparska" mahalla. The letter will contain specific security and economic conditions of IDPs due to which relocation is necessary. Following the TC meeting, the Senior Adviser to SRSG on Returns, RRU and MROs visited the area of returns "Barimska mahalla", a larger mahalla that was inhabited by 36 Serbian families before the conflict.

The Additional Dy President emphasized that it is necessary to obtain the list of IDPs who are willing to return in order to continue with returns process to Klobukar/Kllobukar.

UNHCR HO declared that they do not support any discussions regarding relocation of return sites, as it is contradictory with "Manual of Sustainable Return" and presents a type of "ethnic engineering". Detailed comments on the last MWG minutes regarding relocation were submitted to all MWG members. UNHCR greeted the initiative of the Municipality for conducting inter-ethnic dialogues and urged the municipality to continue in that direction. UNHCR reiterated that there is available assistance through UNDP/RRRF for housing reconstruction for those families who are willing to return spontaneously.

The President explained specifics of Klobukar/Kllobukar and pointed out that by mentioning the term "relocation", we do not propose a new settlement in a new location, but to have reconstruction of destroyed houses on the existing location, and to approve reconstruction of houses of those families from isolated mahallas to integrate in larger mahallas where they possess properties (Barimska or Zimparska).

IDP representatives from Klobukar/Kllobukar explained that the reasons for their absence at the TF meeting were logistical problems due to movement restrictions during that period. They emphasized necessity for organizing one more meeting in Serbia with all IDPs, for which they would invite municipal authorities, UNHCR and other agencies involved in returns process.

Municipal Returns Officer supported the idea of IDP representatives for organizing a final "GIV", in Serbia . Based on IDP's response the MROs will prepare Concept Papers for their return. MRO presented database that includes statistics of returnees/IDPs from 2002 - 2004. In order to have the report finalized, MROs appealed to all NGOs involved in returns to submit available list of assisted families. Also, technical assessment of Albanian community in the areas of return is in progress. On 17 th March '05 , MROs conducted dialogue facilitation with receiving community in Llabjan/Labljane village, with two village representatives. MROs reported that during the last week one Serbian family of 4 members registered in MCO, from Labljane/Llabjan village. ARC has completed assessment for dry ration assistance. MRO raised a problem of getting Identity Card for the spouse of a returnee, and explained that according to current regulations for civil registration she is not eligible for ID, as she was born in Serbia .

UNHCR explained that these kinds of problem for getting ID's is faced by all communities in Kosovo who cannot prove their residential status. This issue was discussed at the central level few times, but it was rejected until the issue of final status is solved. UNHCR explained that all IDPs who return should be first registered in MCO who will coordinate with UNHCR/ARC about their registration and assessment for eligible assistance. The same procedure is for those returnees who returned in the past period but because of lack of awareness have not registered themselves.

UN-MR pointed out that all residents who are living in Kosovo/or those who are married to somebody from Kosovo should be able to fulfill their civil registration rights. She recommended this issue to be taken up at the regional and central level with proper justifications for necessary consideration of possible amendments of existing regulations.

NGO Protecta presented a list of identified IDP families who are willing to return, with their contact addresses. The list was circulated to MRO's to be included as part of statistics report of IDPs.

IFES presented their programme "Support of Reintegration of Returnees into Kosovo Society" before the MWG. They announced that their programme would cover 2 villages from NB Municipality, that involves dialogue facilitation and trainings. IFES proposes 12 months programme to be implemented in 3 phases: 1. returnee and recipient communities will receive practical information about community services, human rights and advocacy; 2. facilitation of dialogues between returnees and recipient communities; 3. encourage communities to work together on advocacy activities and community initiatives.

The MWG participants agreed with the IFES proposal for implementing the above-explained project in Novo Brdo/Novobërdë.

LCO pointed out the need for quick response of responsible agencies for immediate assistance to spontaneous returnees, as there are complaints of returnees regarding that issue.

Items for follow-up action before next MWG meeting


  1. Municipality -to submit the letter on possible returns to Klobukar/Kllobukar to Regional and Central levels.
  2. IDP representatives - to organize a meeting with all IDPs in Serbia who are willing to return, and to coordinate with Municipality and UNHCR.
  3. NGOs and other agencies involved in return - to submit available information and the list of assisted families to MROs in order to compile general database for circulation to MWG members.
  4. Municipality/MROs - to continue to arrange dialog with receiving community.
  5. MRO's - to prepare technical assessment of k/A comm. in the areas of returns.

Please note :

The next MWG is scheduled for Monday, 18 of April 2005 at 11:00 a. m . in Novo Brdo / Novobërdë Municipality , Municipal Conference Room.



Petar Vasic Municipal President 044 296 162
Xhemalj Novoberdaliu Add Dy President 044 345 229
Goran Maksimovic MRO
Enver Xhemshiti MRO 044 176 369
Milosevic Milorad MCO/MRO
Nivedita Haran UNMIK/MR
William Ortiz UNMIK/LCO
Kathryn Harakal UNMIK/RRU
Florije Rexhepi UNDP/RRRF
Robert Ngangue UNMIK/RRU
Tatjana Mladenovic OSCE
Caroline Stampfer-Alissoultanov OSCE
Ignazio Matteini UNHCR HO
Lindita Kqiku Ymeri UNHCR 044/133400
Zivojin Petrovic IDP representative/Klobukar 063 1637790
Simijonovic Milorad VOKAM 0638156740
Nikolic Mirna NGO Protecta 018 568-534
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Ivan Todorovic ARC 063 7346 394
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Nenad Kapetanovic ICRC 044 124 204
Nasire Bala Rizaj IFES
Sevdije Bunjaku IFES 044 234 190
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Mefail Selmani Rep. of receiving community/Kllobukar 044 360 613

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