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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part III - Selected Policy Framework Documents - Statement by the Association of Municipal Assemblies on Integration and Return

On the Association of the Municipal Assemblies meeting that took place today 12/04/2002, an understanding for the strategy of Joint Principles when dealing with minority issues such as integration and return, between the local authorities and the Government.

We should follow-up those principles:

1. The right of all minorities in all municipalities to be reassured about their future prospect. The principle also applies to displaced Albanians, particularly in north Mitrovica and Shterpce who equally deserve to be reassured about their safety and future prospects.

2. That all displaced persons within or outside Kosovo, should be given the choice to return to their homes in Kosovo, if they so wish. This must voluntary act of individuals, not a new colonisation.

3. That all returnees must have a real chance to rebuild there lives and contribute to our collective society.

4. The right of all Kosovars, regardless of their ethnicity, to possess their properties legally.

We have also reached an understanding about cooperation:

1. The issue of Minority returning to be treated as an issue of a big Interest for Kosovo, while the assessment of a returnees personal files' to be handed at the competent authorities

2. Coordination between the Government and the Municipal bodies on the issues pertaining Community issues.

3. The Government will be the carrier of the activities of voluntary integration and returning of the Communities on their properties.

4. The municipalities will respect the decisions taken by the Government consulting al the interested regarding those issues.

5. A close cooperation with UNMIK Community Offices as well as the Advisory Office for Communities to be established.

6. In the Municipal Bodies the Equal Opportunity model to be applied for all.

7. No coming out with attitudes pertaining the returning and integration without prior consulting to Kosovo Government.

8. The public funds will be distributed in an equal and proportional manner to all Communities in Kosovo municipalities.

9. In cooperation with Kosovo Government, office for Returning and Communities and Community Advisory Office the public information campaign will be undertaken regarding this issue to coordinated.

10.Time after time, in the Association meetings all interested actors will be invited to discus elaboration of a strategy for Community Issues treating

On behalf of the Government: Dr.Bajram Rexhepi

On behalf of the Association : Mr. Lutfi Haziri


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