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Manual for Sustainable Return

Part II - Operational Guidelines - Return Project Implementation

The implementing partner has primary responsibility for the mplementation of the returns project. The Municipal Working Group will provide support for the project implementation process, including through coordination of the parties involved in the return process. The donor is primarily responsible for oversight of the project. The Municipal Working Group will monitor project implementation, and may be called upon to assist the implementing partner in overcoming obstacles to project implementation. Implementing partners are responsible for keeping the Municipal Working Group informed of their work by participating in Municipal Working Group meetings at least once a month, and providing copies of reporting prepared for the donor.

Implementation of Multi-Sectoral Return Projects

Once a donor has agreed to finance a returns project (or in cases where a project is self-funded) and the project has received a final review and endorsement by the MWG and RWG, the MWG assumes a monitoring and coordination role during implementation. The MWG safeguards UNMIK's returns policy. Within the MWG structure, primary responsibility for project implementation monitoring rests with the MWG Chair.
Monitoring is facilitated through regular participation and reporting from implementing partners at MWG sessions. If more than one NGO is involved in the process a MOU should be agreed upon and signed by all parties describing roles and responsibilities.

As a monitor of project implementation, especially when there are several implementing partners involved in a single return project, the MWG should facilitate and provide support to execution of the project. To ensure effective coordination, the MWG may set up a smaller committee (Local Working Group) composed of the actors nvolved in the project. Members of the MWG are also expected to take a supporting role within their respective fields. For instance, where appropriate, MWG Chairs (MAs) will work to ensure that the local administration provides municipal services in support of returns locations and project implementation. If the MWG encounters substantial problems in its monitoring of the work of an implementing partner which cannot be resolved directly with the implementing partner, the MWG should refer the problem to the RWG chair. At the RWG Chair's discretion, the problem can be additionally referred to the ORC if it is believed the donor should be informed and asked to intervene.


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