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Cultural Aspects of Trauma

We are currently implementing a project, along with several other NGOs from the region, entitled "Cultural Aspects of Trauma". This project is implemented within SEE RAN network and financed through the FRESTA/ NAB programme.

There is a common agreement that the psycho-social interventions often implemented or developed in the countries of the region (more broadly, in the aftermath of disasters - natural or man-made) show a lack of sensitivity to the cultural influence on the expression of symptoms and models of communicating psychological distress. As such, the organizations enrolled in CAT consider the need to provide culturally appropriate services important enough to pay special attention to this in the future.

Offering "culturally appropriate services," represents a difficult enterprise, as it requires adopting a set of definitions in regard to the objectives, targets, providers and methodology, which can be highlighted now but need to be implemented over time.

Based on the actual level of our knowledge, thinking of culturally appropriate psycho-social interventions to cope with trauma leads us to interventions focused more on strengthening the community as a whole, rather than on individual symptoms. In addition, we focus on the use of tools developed in cross-cultural encounters for processing or abreaction, (e.g. witnessing, social testimony and reparation, spiritual myths, legends and metaphors, etc).

Producing and implementing culturally appropriate psycho-social intervention tools, methods, and approaches should be one of the tasks of local organizations throughout the region that already have experience in designing and implementing psycho-social interventions.



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